THE INSTRUCTIONS SAY IT ALL! Silk-screened white on heavy black kraft paper, these two masks are ready to go! Cut them out with scissors, an X-acto knife, a butcher knife, a chainsaw... whatever it takes, and affix them to either string, a stick of your choice or whatever disembodied limb you may have laying around and then go scare the hell out of your friends! (Or.. you know, just frame it I guess? Buy two and do both, we won’t judge!) Deigned by Mike Moses / @thedrowntown, Owner of Cauldron Tattoo and printed by Jess of Upright Press here in Columbus, OH! An awesome, high quality 12.5”X19” print and it’s ONLY 5 BUCKS!
**also available as part of the HALLOWEEN HORRORSHOW GIFT BAG- check it out!**

Ships rolled in sturdy cardboard tube! Due to that fact, it cannot be combined with other orders and will arrive separate unless your other things are tiny... and I just won’t know that so I’m keeping shipping costs as low as I can to be fair. But thanks for your patience!