CAULDRON patch 001

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Designed by Mike Moses and Callie Herman,the CAULDRON sigil has been brought to bear by the talents of Laurie Lone Crow of Stitch Witch Embroideries based out of Richmond, VA in this limited run double-black canvas patch. Each one has been rubbed with white sage and cedar wood, and hand cut for a grubby DIY look. Sizes will vary slightly, but fall in a general 3x4" range, as they are hand cut. These are a strict run of 50 and will be gone when they're gone.
Check out more of Laurie's handiwork at STITCHWITCHEMBRODERIES.BIGCARTEL.COM, LONECROWCOUTURE.COM as well as on INSTAGRAM and other social media @stitchwitchembroderies and @lonecrowcouture.